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Music Composer - Songwriter Will Henry~
I grew up like many other young musicians enjoying playing in the band in school and graduated and went on to major in music in college.Around twenty one years old I begin to play in local bands as a tromebone player as well as a guitar player
.My love for music actually started long before then.When I was seven years old we lived across the street from Stax records on Mclemore street in Memphis and as little boys we would go behind stax and a company called Satellite records (as I recall it) and look for old records they had thrown away in the trash bend outside in the back of the building.We would collect them and go up the street trying to sell them.Hey!What did we know since we were kids right? lol Never made a sale but once my mom found out what my brothers and I had been up to while she and my father were at work...well,let's just say that our business of selling records at a young age were over!
So later on in life while on a gig a guy walked in and said that he was looking for a band to open for him and his band.We never got to open for him but I did get to know him and began learning quite a bit about the music business.His name was Tom Jones 3rd and he introduced me to another songwriter named George Jackon.Later I found out that they had written gigantic hits like "Old Time Rock & Roll"by Bob Seger as well as a song by the Osmonds called "One Bad Apple" as I recall it.They had written a lot of hit songs so it was fun and interesting learning about how records were made and promoted in those days.
As much as I loved playing in bands and gigging,I loved song writing and composing even more so I continued doing both as I began to have my own releases from various labels including my own.The more songs I got played on the radio,the more I wanted to write and that's where I am today.The music you find here will be composed by myself and sometimes with co-writers as well.

I want to make a promise to you.If you support me by licensing my music I promise I will do my best to work with you as best I can if your budget is small or at those times when you can't afford to pay the regular music licensing fees that usually come with licensing music for your videos and films.
As a music composers,in fact one of the modern day composers I intend to keep making music and I will continue to add music on this site that will include songs for wedding videos to background instrumental music for films and music trailers.Keep in mind that I'm still a musician so if you send me a message on the weekend I might be on a gig but I will respond as soon as I get your message.I really appreciate you and I'm looking forward to licensing music to you that will make your projects amazing and that will make your goals much easier to reach.